Woman pioneers in space

Yesterday, march 8, was the international women day, and I though on describing some statistics (valid for today) and context in the space exploration, centered in the people who reached space. First, when I am saying Astronaut I include all the people who have been or are in space, not the trained ones. Also, I … Continue reading Woman pioneers in space


Google Lunar X-Prize

There are many competition in space, but the most interesting for this year will be the Google Lunar X-Prize. This competition is sponsored by Google and it has three main objectives: Place a spacecraft on the Moon Travel 500 meters from the landing point Transmit HD video and images And the award is: First place: … Continue reading Google Lunar X-Prize

Seting a Path to Space

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious - Albert Einstein Albert Einstein's quote shows the relevance of a magnificent trait from humanity, their curiosity. We as humans thrive for discoveries and exploration, reaching for the unreachable, shining light upon the most profound truths and finally learning about them. We could have stayed … Continue reading Seting a Path to Space