Naviation Satellite Systems overview

There are a lot of satellite navigation systems for Earth. Some are regional others are global. Some are composed by only one satellite and multiple earth-based stations, and other with hundred of satellites. This post will be an overview of the actual satellite systems. Some are in development but all are operational in some degree. … Continue reading Naviation Satellite Systems overview


Astronaut daily life in space (ISS)

Astronauts have every minute planned by ground mission controllers. Their day starts at six o'clock int he morning (GMT time zone) to half past ten in the afternoon. They work 12 hours a day in the International Space Station (ISS), a large complex ship that needs constant attention, care and repairs. With a bit of … Continue reading Astronaut daily life in space (ISS)

NASA 2017-2018 Software Catalog

This is the third release of public release of software and code used by NASA (the first one was in 2014), with a 154 page document with all the info and a dedicates web page managed by the Technology Transfer Portal. The software is free of charge, but it has different access restrictions, depending on … Continue reading NASA 2017-2018 Software Catalog


Seting a Path to Space

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious - Albert Einstein Albert Einstein's quote shows the relevance of a magnificent trait from humanity, their curiosity. We as humans thrive for discoveries and exploration, reaching for the unreachable, shining light upon the most profound truths and finally learning about them. We could have stayed … Continue reading Seting a Path to Space