NASA 2017-2018 Software Catalog

This is the third release of public release of software and code used by NASA (the first one was in 2014), with a 154 page document with all the info and a dedicates web page managed by the Technology Transfer Portal.

The software is free of charge, but it has different access restrictions, depending on licence, nationality and use.


From the catalog:

  • General Public Release: For codes with a broad release and no nondisclosure or export control restrictions.
  • Open Source Release: For collaborative efforts in which programmers improve upon codes originally developed by NASA and share the changes.
  • U.S. Release Only: For codes available to U.S. people only, with no further transfer of the software allowed without the prior written approval of NASA.
  • U.S. and Foreign Release: For codes that are available to U.S. people and (under special circumstances) persons outside of the U.S..
  • U.S. Government Purpose Release: For codes that are to be used on behalf of the U.S. government:
    • Project Release: For use under a contract, grant, or agreement.
    • Interagency Release: For use by U.S. government agencies.
    • NASA Release: For use only by NASA personnel and contractors.

Top 7 Software Codes by NASA

  1. Schedule Test and Assessment Tool (STAT), v5.0 (Business Systems and Project Management General Public Release (request link)): Is a schedule management software add-in for Microsoft Project scheduling application.  The software provides the automated capability to quickly identify, quantify and report numerous types of critical schedule assessment data for management use.
  2. Knife, v1.0 (Design and Integration ToolsU.S. Release Only (request link)): Is a library that calculates the boolean subtraction of arbitrary watertight triangular polyhedral in order to make near-field sonic boom predictions.
  3. Project Cost-Estimating Capability v2 (Business Systems and Project ManagementGeneral Public Release (request link)): Software used to develop cost estimates/models for space systems.
  4. GNSS – Inferred Positioning System and Orbit Analysis Simulation Software (GIPSY-OASIS) (Operations U.S. Government Purpose Release (request link)): Widely used for geophysical and global positioning system research.
  5. WinPlot Graphical Display System (Data and Image Processing – General Public Release): Is a powerful desktop graphical analysis tool that allows to generate displays of unrestrictive amounts of data.
  6. Orbital Debris Engineering Model (ORDEM) v3 (Environmental Science General Public Release (request link)): Offers flux as a function of debris size and year.
  7. OVERFLOW 2: Overset Grid Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Flow Solver with Moving Body Capability (Design and Integration ToolsU.S. Release Only (request link)):  Is a computer code for simulating viscous, compressible fluid flow about complex aerodynamic configurations. It includes the capability for simulating multiple moving bodies acting under prescribed or aerodynamically forced motion.

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