Seting a Path to Space

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious

– Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein’s quote shows the relevance of a magnificent trait from humanity, their curiosity. We as humans thrive for discoveries and exploration, reaching for the unreachable, shining light upon the most profound truths and finally learning about them. We could have stayed in caves and life comfortably ever after but we went out to find a new universe full mysteries Space continues to be the most challenging unknown until this day. Therefore, we must acknowledge the significance and contributions that both individuals and organizations have brought in unveiling the mysteries of space.

Star Cluster R136 – Hubble Space Telescope

For this reason, we have decided to invest a little time in showcasing the vision and ideas guiding these organizations along the way. The continuous effort and path that this companies have forged and the people behind them is something that we will be recognizing a step at a time in this blog.

On that note the companies and organizations that we will be talking about will be from both the private and public sector. We will be looking at companies that have a fundamental interest in developing technology and further pushing the existing limitations. While many of these companies are well-known, we will try to delve into the not so well-known key factors that have made them reach their current status as well as the many opportunities to get closer and learn from these organizations.

On the other hand, behind all these organizations we can always find a surplus of people promoting the goals with all their effort both in the spotlight and in the shadows. As such, apart from the time dedicated with the different organizations we will also delve into both the known and the unsung pathfinders that stepped up to the challenge of space.

These pioneers have set their mark in history and as such we will try to delve into their ideals and the contributions they have made in our field. It is through their sweat and efforts that man has been able to walk on the moon and watched far away galaxies being born.

Join us as we explore the many faces behind the progress of our industry for the following weeks. We will try to make justice to these pathfinders and their works to the best of our ability. I hope everyone can enjoy and discover some new facts that may inspire us in our future paths.


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