When you like space exploration and you want more information, the latest news and meeting new people with similar interests, you are in the need of a SpaceUp unconference.

First, what is an unconference?

It is a conference for all by all. Everybody can participate and it is recommended to do a five minute presentation, lead a discussion group on any topic, etc.

Ok, but we want to know about space!

Space exploration is the main topic of this unconference, you can talk about anything related to it, even cakes, if you are teaching how to make one in space, all guided by the volunteers that made that SpaceUp.

Also, because the space is an international topic, the main language of all SpaceUp unconferences is English.
SpaceUp Toulouse Sep 2014

The experience

Due to the chaotic nature of the unconference format, a timeline is needed and that’s the Sesion Grid. In this grid, we have a lot of post-its with the topic of the session, the format (presentation, demo, videoconference Q&A, debate…) and the time information, when it starts and it’s length (5-15-30 minutes)
SpaceUp LA session grid

What is more, unconferences will not be the only event taking place, the day before and during the SpaceUp, there might be special events, group dinners and  touring with the locals are examples of special opportunities.

But you go for the people, in every SpaceUp there are people as entusiastic or more than you about space and the most interesting fact is, that a lot of them are working in the industry!

Yes, you can meet people, astronauts, cosmonauts… even that technician from the lauch control room!

I want to go, where is the next one!

The next one is in Toulouse, France from 4 to 5 of February but you can look for more in the global page of SpaceUp.

But if you want one in your city, you can start one!

Finally let us give you some tips for your unconference

  • Choose the same hotel as other participants, near the unconference, in order to have a beer on the previous day.
  • Talk to everybody! You came to meet people like you, and to talk about space, what more do you need?
  • The origins of this unconference comes from Twitter, so there will be an official account and, there will be people following the event. If you couldn`t go, start talking on Twitter, and search for a live stream, there might be one.
SpaceUp Toulouse 2014 Group picture

Practical information about SpaceUp Toulouse

Main website:

Their blog:

Directions, event hours and more:

Official Twitter account: @SpaceUp_FR

Picture authors:




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